SHO – reee…evolution in Web tutorials

Nowadays most software comes with support in a form of pdfs. Video tutorials created in tools like Camtasia ( or software simulation (i.e. Adobe Captivate) become more and more popular.  However, there is still lack of interaction with human. A user is only a receiver of information and doesnt have much influance on the support that is displayed to him.

Today I met a new sollution which is simple and genious:)

SHO is a tool that allows us to add support to the "live system". Its very simple. Fistly we have to create a special script, but dont worry, no programming skills are required:) You just have to "click through" all the windows that you want to include in your tutorial. A ready script have to be run in a speciall player before running the right aplication. The next step is…using our application:) The support comments/audio/videos will be displayed during our interactions with the system, according to the current context. Thats the main strenght of this solution! The script can consist questions or menues that will run another paths of the script (if we’ve created any)

Of course there have to be some drawbacks:)

The only supported applications so far are:

# Microsoft .NET applications
# Browser-based applications running in Internet Explorer 6.0/greater or Firefox 2.0/greater
# Applications developed with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
# Microsoft Office applications
# Java Swing applications

You have to see this one:)


Tag: e-learning, simulation, support, tutorial, SHO



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