Start your Moodle adventure

Its a paradox but still many people find it easier to learn about e-learning systems from not e-learning sources:) On the Web there is many Moodle books but only some of them are worth reading. The most popular series comes from Pact Publishing. They have already published a new title "Moodle Administration"

Its an administrator’s guide to configuring, securing, customizing, and extending Moodle

– A complete guide for planning, installing, optimizing, customizing, and configuring Moodle
– Secure, back up, and restore your VLE
– Extending and networking Moodle
– Detailed walkthroughs and expert advice on best practices
– Checklist of over 100 common problems with solutions

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Tags: e-learning, Moodle, LMS, VLE, platform, book, administration



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