E-learning with e-paper

For a long time Ive been thinking about buying an electronic reader. Why? There are two reasons. First of all I love gadgets:) and secondly I think that it would make reading much more comfortable. I try to stay up 2 date with everything in e-learning (a,b,c…-learning as well:), so I read a lot of articles..and some books:) All the materials I have to print and carry with me. Im not saying that its to heavy for a strong master of science like me but after a few days all the papers look…unmotivating:) So I’ve decided and…there came the problems. None of the readers is officialy sold in Poland. That influences the price which at the end has impact on me:) There are practically four vendors on the market: iRex, Bookeen and two bigger players Sony and Amazon.
What their products can do?
Firstly it can display e-documents (txt, doc, pdf, html and more) on their large (4′-8′) screen with EInk technology. Its not a standard lcd screen that every one has with his computer. Its black and white (buuuuuu:) and doesnt glow in the dark (buuuuuuu:) but offers an unbelievable high contrast and quality of text. Its almost like a standard sheet of paper. EInk technology has also other advantages. It needs energy only during changes on the screen so you can view a looooot of books on one charging.
Secondly it consists internal flash drive where you can store 10000….pages:)
Thirdly, some of them use Wi-Fi modules to communicate with online libraries like Amazon or RSS feeds so you can get online newspapers and so on.
Fourtly, they allow you to make notes, draw, bookmark, highlight and do everything you do with books in your dreams:)
Fiftly, it can play mp3 so you get a player with bigger screen than IPod Touch:)

… and much more:)

Is it worth its price? Yessss! I hope that I will get one soon (Santa Claus faster faster!) because if you read different materials from different sources and dont have money for a private assistant that will manage all the papers for you than this thing will save your researchers life:)

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5 myśli na temat “E-learning with e-paper

  1. eee…
    no to już brzmi sensownie…:)
    tematyka amazońskich lasów zawsze była dla mnie szczególnie bliska…:) zwłaszcza kiedy wdrażałem platformę dla tamtejszych tubylców….tooooo dopiero było wyzwanie…!!!!:)



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