ABC…. – Learning

While e-learning evolves every day, the number of terms ending with "learning" grows rapidly. Jenna Sweeney mentions some exmaples in her blog:

E-Learning: electronic (online) learning
M-Learning: mobile learning (on handheld devices and cell phones)
V-Learning: learning inside a virtual world (such as Second Life)
G-Learning: learning via computer games
C-Learning: learning via collaboration with co-workers and associates

Do you know any others?

Some of them are very new to me. Maybe its time to start reading dictionary:)
Whereas the world is developing its e-learning terminology Poland has still problems with the first one starting with ‚E’. When I speak with my friends (no names:) about my job the two most frequent responses are:

1) Aaaaa….aaaa? e-what??
2) Wow super!! I had some e-learning courses at my work!…..Very boring:)



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