M-learning ontology

In my opinion m-learning is so far an undiscovered land (especially in some central European countries;) Many people link this term with some simple web courses similar to those on PCs (or e-books:). However mobile devices have evaluated so far and they offer so much functionality that in the nearest future m-learning has to revolutionize the way we learn. The services that use our current position or allow remote control over different mechanisms are just a tip of the iceberg. I have decided to collect all data connected with m-learning in one place and because we have to look further in the direction of Web 3.0 the choice was simple…. an Ontology:) I hope that all people 2.0 will help me with this task:) I have started with simple draft of class hierarchy. What do you think about it? what would you changeadddelete?

Tags: m-learning, mobile learning, e-learning, ontology, Web 3.0



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