IMS Common Cartridge Specification

IMS has finall realased draft version of Common Cartridge
specification. What’s a Common Cartridge? It’s a succesor of SCORM, 
the most popular standard for online content exchange, which has become a little old and is not cool anymore:)

The Common Cartridge (CC) standard distils state-of-the-art practice in online education and training into an easy-to-implement format for creating and sharing digital content. It defines an integrated approach to exchanging content exploiting:

    * A consistent model for packaging content.
    * Metadata (based on simple Dublin Core).
    * Assessment (harnessing a commonly used set of question types).
    * Additional features such as discussion topics and authorization for protected content.

Everything looks very nice. Espacially initialization of disccusions
within course and wuthorization. We can only hope that it will be fast
and fully implemented by LMS vendors (some of them have still problems
with SCORM 2004:)

Link to specification: – available for public for 60 days closing on September 16, 2008

Tags: IMS, Common Cartridge, SCORM, Specification



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