Wikis have conquered the world. Everyday there is a lot of new ones comming into life. Lately I wrote about Knol, a new knowledge portal from Google that will bring some colourful commercials into the gray life of Wikipedia users;) Today I read about…Medpedia. As you probably suspects its a combination of words Wiki and Medicine…Tadaaa!:)  According to its creators it will soon be the biggest medical encyclopaedia in the world. It will be officialy oppened at the end of this year and after viewing some previews I must say it looks real good. Well, we will have to wait a while to check the most important parts of medicine;)

Link to Medpedia:


If you envy the doctors than maybe you want to start your own Wiki? The newest article on mashable will surely help you make the right decision. The authors have decribed over 30 Wikis divided into two groups – stand alone wikis and Wiki farms (servers in the Web whre you can create youw Wiki). You are a: .NET, PHP, Java Sript, or not informatical person than you will find a solution for you.

Wikitalize your life!:)

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