Poland is a World’s e-learning backwater

This is a
special Easter for me because I’ve got a new job 🙂 The last couple of weeks
brought me some experience about e-learning in Poland. It seems to be much
worse developed as I thought before. Even the biggest companies with thousands
of employees, haven’t seen the potential in it or were uninformed for last few
years. The people understand e-learning in many different ways, sometimes completely
wrong. For some of them this is a collection of pdf tutorials stored on the
computer, for others it is a PowerPoint presentation. Is Poland really a World’s
e-learning backwater? Well, the answer is…..No! 🙂 The new wave has finally come
to my country. The corporations start to evaluate this way of teaching their
workers and spend much money on it (what’s a great news for all e-learning
specialist in Poland
:) Of course we are still a way behind other
countries but it is only a matter of time to catch them
J. Even our Minister of Education has
recently appreciated the potential of e-learning and has decided to increase its
participation in higher education. Maybe it’s not a big step but it shows that
e-learning is no longer a hobby of some hotheads. In my opinion a big influence
on it have student exchange programs. During my on year stay in Germany I got
in touch with many technologies that I have never heard about before. They
weren’t new, but more or less unknown in Poland. It is still hard to find a
place in here where you can learn about e-learning (yes, I’ve heard about
Internet but not everyone is so motivated to install an e-learning platform on
his computer, after reading some comments in the Web
J and learning without practice
brings more or less nothing). In Germany I met many people who were a really
Web 2.0 community which builds and shares its knowledge with others. I’ve tried
e-learning with them and I must admit that in my case it has increased my
learning abilities. This fact has motivated me to take a closer look at this “newness”.
Now I see that it was one of the best decision in my life (I can’t say that it
was the best because my girlfriend would kill me;). Despite all adversities (such
as EU refunds that have encouraged many unqualified people to create e-learning
content of miserable quality) everything seems to go in a right direction.

At the end
I would like to wish you all happy Easter. Don’t forget that e-learning is
great but a time with family can also be really nice 😉


e-learning, Poland



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