Seventh International Network Conference (INC 2008)

Today Ive got an email from University of Plymouth saying that my paper for this conference has been accepted!Tadaaaa!:) I wrote about use of ontologies (knowledge representation’s method) in e-learning. It is free to download frommy website: (You can also find there some hot pictures of the author;)

The paper basicly consists of three main parts. Ive started with general presentation of present learning manegement systems (LMS). Than Ive presented some facts about ontologies. The last part describes methods, how ontologies can be used in elearning. Ive distinguished three main directions:
 – Using ontologies for content personalization
 – Ontology based feedback generation
 – Ontology for improving learning resource search

All your comments are very welcome:) What are your feeleing about ontologies in e-elarning? Do you think its a future?


Bartek Polakowski

Tag: inc 2008, e-learning, conference, ontology, lms



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